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Caught my first shark this weekend using about a 10in mullet I netted with my casting net. I normally take one of those and cut it in half on two separate 9/0 circle hooks on a red drum type rig. Using this size bait keeps the annoying smaller fish from being able to take it.

 You could see there were thousands of bait fishing swimming off in the deeper water. I waded out to about lower chest deep and tried to cast right in the middle of all the bait fish. It did not take long for my pole to bend over with somthing big. The first shark was about 3 feet long and the second was much smaller. I will be posting a video of it shortly from my GoPro.


Got the day off work because I have to go in Sunday for my steam turbine pump run. Decided to go fishing and glad I did. Whether is perfect. No clouds in the sky and just enough breeze to keep you cool. The water is much calmer than it has in the last couple weeks. I am hoping to have some luck. Already caught one medium sized hardheaded catfish. Hoping for something bigger and edible so I can finally take fish home.